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Who should not wear cat's eye stone?

Hi everyone,

I have been researching about gemstones lately and came across the cat's eye stone. However, I have also read some warnings about its effects and heard that it is not suitable for everyone. I am interested in wearing this stone but I want to make sure that it is safe for me to do so.

Can anyone guide me on who should NOT wear cat's eye stone? I am also curious to know if there are any negative consequences or side effects of wearing this stone.

Thank you in advance for your responses!

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Hi there,

I have experience with wearing cat's eye stone, and I can share some insights with you. It is especially important to note that cat's eye stone is not recommended for individuals born under the sign of Leo, as it is believed to bring them bad luck.

Additionally, it is not advisable for individuals who have a weak or afflicted Ketu in their horoscope to wear this stone. In such cases, it can lead to negative effects on their life and health.

In terms of side effects, I have heard of cases where wearing the cat's eye stone has resulted in unpredictable mood swings and increased emotional vulnerability. However, this can vary greatly from person to person and depends on the individual's personal energy field.

Overall, my recommendation is to consult with an experienced astrologer before making any decisions about wearing the cat's eye stone, especially if you have specific concerns or questions about your astrological chart or horoscope.


Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience with cat's eye stone. For me, wearing cat's eye stone has been both positive and negative. When I started wearing the stone, I experienced a surge in my energy levels and creativity. I felt more confident, and my decision-making abilities improved.

However, after wearing the stone for some time, I started experiencing mild headaches and irritability. I also noticed that my sleep patterns were disrupted, and I had trouble sleeping through the night. When I consulted an astrologer, they recommended that I stop wearing cat's eye stone immediately.

Although I had positive experiences initially, it was essential for me to pay attention to the negative consequences I experienced later on. It's important to remember that the effects of wearing gemstones can vary, and some people may not experience the same positive effects that others do.

In summary, my experience with cat's eye stone was a mixed one. While it helped me initially, the negative effects led me to discontinue wearing it. It's essential to pay attention to how your body and mind react when wearing gemstones and consult with experts before making any decisions.



I have some personal experience with wearing cat's eye stone that I'd like to share. I started wearing the stone a few months ago, and so far, I have experienced mostly positive effects.

The stone has helped me become more patient and calm in my daily life. I feel that I am better able to handle stress and challenges, and I am more in control of my emotions overall. I also believe that wearing cat's eye stone has improved my spiritual awareness and helped me connect with my inner self.

However, I must mention that I have experienced some mild headaches and nausea since I began wearing the stone. I also sometimes feel a little irritable, which is unusual for me.

Overall, my experience with cat's eye stone has been mostly positive, but I take the negative consequences seriously. Since I am quite new to wearing this stone, I will continue to monitor my reactions and make changes accordingly if needed.

I believe that wearing gemstones can be beneficial, but it's important to exercise caution and listen to your body when trying new things. Always consult with an expert before making a decision about which gemstone to wear or use.



I have some thoughts on this topic based on my personal experience with cat's eye stone. To be honest, it did not have any noticeable or significant positive effects on me. I wore it for about six months, but I did not find any change or improvement in my life or mental state.

That being said, I did not face any adverse effects or negative consequences from wearing the stone. I believe that the effectiveness of wearing cat's eye stone can vary from person to person, and it's important to keep an open mind and not be disappointed if it does not work for you.

Furthermore, I think it's essential to consult with an expert astrologer or gemologist before deciding to wear any gemstone. It's crucial to ensure that the wearer's birth chart is well-analyzed, and the gemstone is recommended based on the individual's specific needs and requirements.

In conclusion, although wearing cat's eye stone did not have any significant effect on me, I believe that it's possible that it may work for others. It's important to approach the use of gemstones with an open mind and always seek professional advice before making any decisions.


Hi everyone,

I have had some experience with wearing cat's eye stone that I'd like to share. Unfortunately, the effects I experienced were mostly negative.

Shortly after I started wearing the stone, I began to feel quite anxious and nervous. I felt like my heart was racing a lot of the time, which made it difficult for me to focus on my daily tasks. I also experienced some dizziness and felt lightheaded at times.

After I consulted with an astrologer, they recommended that I stop wearing the stone since the anxiety was likely a reaction to the stone's energy. Since then, I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental state, and the physical symptoms I experienced have disappeared.

Although I wish the experience had been more positive, I believe that it's important to listen to your body when trying new things. Everyone reacts differently to gemstones, and what works for one person may not work for another.

In conclusion, my experience with cat's eye stone was a negative one. But, I hope it can help others understand that it's essential to seek advice from experts and to pay attention to your body's reactions when incorporating gemstones into your routine.


Hi there,

I'd like to share my experience with cat's eye stone. I've been wearing this stone for about a year now, and overall, it has had a positive effect on my life.

I feel that cat's eye stone has helped me become more assertive and confident in making choices. It has also helped me understand my emotions better, and allowed me to trust my intuition when making important decisions.

That being said, there have been some negative consequences from wearing cat's eye stone. Sometimes, I feel like I'm more prone to feeling angry or frustrated than usual. Also, I've experienced some issues with sleeping patterns since I started wearing it.

Overall, I think cat's eye stone can be useful for some people. However, it's important to understand that the effects of gemstones can be different for everyone. I also believe that it's essential to consult with a gemologist or astrologer before choosing a gemstone, and to monitor your reactions when you start wearing it.

In conclusion, despite some negative effects, wearing cat's eye stone has been mostly positive for me. I'd recommend it to others, but with the caution that it may not provide the same effects for all people.



I would like to share my experience with wearing cat's eye stone. I have been wearing this stone for several years based on the recommendation of an astrologer, and I have not experienced any negative side effects so far.

In fact, I have found that wearing the cat's eye stone has helped me overcome my fears and anxieties and has improved my overall mental wellbeing. I believe that it has strengthened my intuition, and I am able to make better decisions in my personal and professional life.

However, I do agree that it is important to get an expert opinion before wearing this stone, especially from someone who has a deep understanding of astrology and can assess your specific needs and situation.

In conclusion, I would like to say that wearing the cat's eye stone has been a positive experience for me, but it is important to do your research before making any decisions about wearing gemstones.


Hi everyone,

I have some experience with cat's eye stone, and in my case, it had some notable effects. After wearing it for a few months, I felt a boost in my confidence levels and felt more able to take on challenges that I had previously felt hesitant about.

Additionally, I noticed that my intuition became sharper, and I was more in tune with my feelings and emotions. This helped me navigate complex life scenarios with greater ease.

However, I also experienced some unexpected effects from wearing cat's eye stone. For instance, I felt an increase in my heart rate, which was very unusual for me. I also experienced some mild irritation and sporadic sleep patterns.

Overall, I would say that wearing cat's eye stone had a positive impact on me, but also showcased some negative side effects. Therefore, it's important to be aware of both the potential benefits and risks of wearing this stone before making any decisions.

Finally, I would also stress the value of seeking professional advice before incorporating gemstones into your daily routine. It's crucial to ensure that you are wearing the right gemstone for your needs and not putting your health and wellbeing at risk.

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