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Which stone suits everyone?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of gemstones and crystals, and I'm looking for some advice on finding a stone that suits everyone. I want to give a gift to my friends and family, but I don't know much about the different stones and their properties.

I know that certain stones have specific meanings and energies that can benefit individuals in different ways. However, since I am not familiar with everyone's needs and preferences, I'm wondering if there is a stone that would universally appeal to everyone.

I'm hoping to find a stone that is versatile enough to be used for different purposes, such as for meditation, healing, or simply as a decorative piece. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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I've had a similar experience trying to find a stone that suits everyone. I agree that clear quartz and amethyst are great options, but I personally find that rose quartz may also be a good choice.

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, promoting self-love, compassion, and love for others. Its calming and soothing energy can help ease anxiety and create a peaceful environment, making it perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Additionally, rose quartz has a beautiful pink hue and looks great as a decorative piece, offering an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

In my experience, rose quartz has been a great universal stone as everybody could use a little more love, self-care, and compassion in their lives.

I hope this helps you make a decision on what stone to gift your loved ones!


Hi there,

I totally understand where you're coming from, as I also had a similar dilemma when gifting crystals to my friends and family. While it's true that different crystals have unique properties and are associated with different chakras, I found that clear quartz is a stone that can benefit anyone regardless of their personal requirements.

Clear quartz is known as one of the most versatile crystals, as it has the ability to amplify the energy of other crystals and can also help with clarity and focus. This powerful healing stone can help balance and align all seven chakras, making it an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual practices.

Aside from its healing properties, clear quartz is also a beautiful crystal that can be used as a decoration in various settings.

I hope this helps in your quest for finding the perfect crystal gift!



While it is true that clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals, I personally believe that amethyst may better suit your needs. Amethyst is a popular stone that is known as the "all-healer", offering spiritual protection and purification.

This magnificent stone enhances intuition, spirituality, and intellectual abilities, all while calming the mind and relieving stress. Amethyst has a powerful energy that can help in enhancing one's meditation, and create a peaceful and serene environment.

Furthermore, amethyst also looks stunning, with hues ranging from purple to lavender, its beauty can be appreciated by everyone.

In conclusion, amethyst may be the perfect gift for your family and friends, as it is a versatile all-purpose stone that can create an aura of calmness, enhance spiritual practices, and deliver a charming aesthetic appeal.



I would like to weigh in on this discussion and suggest citrine as a stone that can suit everyone. Citrine is a vibrant yellow or golden crystal that has strong energy to bring abundance and positivity to anyone's life.

This radiant stone can stimulate mental focus and amplify personal power and stamina, making it ideal for those who may need it for work or creativity. Citrine can also promote feel-good energy, restoring confidence and inner peace, which can benefit everyone.

Furthermore, citrine can also uplift the mood, and thereby influence emotions and boost motivation. It can be an excellent gift for anyone from children to grandparents, and for any occasion.

Overall, citrine is a versatile stone that can offer a range of positive effects, including emotional, physical, and metaphysical benefits. If you're looking for a crystal that can promote joy, prosperity, and positivity, citrine is a good option.



I agree with the suggestions so far and would also like to suggest black tourmaline as a stone that can suit everyone. This is a powerful grounding stone that has natural radiation-absorbing properties, making it great for protection against negativity.

Black tourmaline can also promote balance and stability, encouraging personal growth and strength through difficult times. The crystal can be used as a talisman to protect against psychic attacks and electromagnetic pollution, which is particularly important in today's world.

Additionally, black tourmaline can help alleviate stress and anxiety, which can impact a wide range of people. It also looks great in any home decor style, offering a sophisticated appearance with its dark, glossy finish.

Overall, black tourmaline may not be the most popular stone, but it offers a wide range of benefits that are relevant to almost anyone. It can be used as a shield against negativity and promote feelings of calmness and protection, making it an excellent choice for a universal gemstone.

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