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Which crystal brings good luck?

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. Recently, I have been experiencing a series of bad luck in my life, and I am looking for ways to turn things around. I have come across various articles and blogs that talk about crystals that bring good luck.

I am very interested in trying this out and was wondering which crystal is most effective for bringing good luck. I have heard of crystals like citrine, tiger's eye, and pyrite being used for this purpose, but I am not sure which one to choose.

Has anyone here used crystals for good luck before? If so, which crystal did you use, and did you notice any positive changes in your life?

I would really appreciate any insight or advice on this matter. Thank you in advance!

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Hi everyone,

I am excited to share my experience with my go-to crystal for good luck - aventurine. This crystal is usually green in color and is said to be a powerful manifestation stone that can help manifest opportunities.

I recently started using aventurine aggressively when I felt like I'd reached a dead-end in many aspects of my life. I got a green aventurine bracelet and it has become a part of my everyday wear. Holding it always in my hands, I would set my intention on what I want to manifest while feeling the energy of the crystal taking effect.

Ever since I started using aventurine for good luck, many positive developments have occurred in my life. I landed a promotion, my relationship with my partner has gotten way better, and I have been able to land some lucrative investment opportunities. All of these positive things have happened in a short time and might not be purely due to aventurine, but it is essential in enhancing the positive energy around me.

In summary, I highly recommend aventurine as a good stone for good luck, manifestation and a boost in confidence. Give it a try; it might work for you too!


Hello there,

I have been exploring the world of crystals for a while now and want to share my experience with tiger's eye in bringing good luck. Tiger's eye is a stone with rich warm hues of brown, tan and gold. It is known for bringing luck, abundance and protection.

I started carrying a tiger's eye crystal with me in my wallet, and it's helped me to attract luck in my life. The small victories in my day-to-day activities like finding a parking spot closer than usual or getting a good deal while shopping make me feel fortunate. The energy of tiger's eye seems to help me maintain a positive attitude and good fortune.

Tiger's eye can have a grounding effect on your energies, providing clarity, and reducing anxiety. It strengthens your focus and determination.

While I cannot attribute all of my success to tiger's eye, I believe that it has helped me stay focused and driven in my goals, leading to the manifestation of my desires. If you're considering trying out crystals for good luck, give tiger's eye a chance; it would be an excellent addition to your crystal collection.

Best wishes on your journey towards good luck, abundance and happiness!


Hi there,

I have used crystals for various purposes, including bringing good luck into my life. Personally, I have found that citrine works very well for me. It has a bright and uplifting energy that helps me feel more optimistic and positive about the future.

I usually carry a small citrine crystal in my pocket or wear a citrine necklace when I am in need of good luck. Whenever I feel discouraged, I hold the crystal and focus on my intention of attracting good fortune into my life.

Since I started using citrine, I have noticed that things seem to work out more in my favor. I have landed a new job, made some great new friends, and even won a small lottery prize! Of course, I cannot say for sure that it was all due to the citrine, but I like to think of it as a helpful tool for manifesting positive outcomes.

Overall, I would highly recommend giving citrine a try if you are looking to bring more luck into your life. Good luck and happy crystal hunting!



I have been utilizing crystals for various purposes for a long time, and I can attest that pyrite works very well for me in bringing good luck. Pyrite is often called the "fool's gold" because it has a shiny, golden appearance that looks similar to gold. Its energy is positive, uplifting, and can attract success, good fortune, and abundance.

When I need some good luck, I usually carry pyrite in my pocket or wear a pyrite bracelet. I find that holding the crystal and meditating with it is very powerful, and it helps me manifest my intentions more rapidly. Since I started using pyrite, I noticed that opportunities are coming my way more frequently. Career-wise, I got a great promotion, and my investments are doing well.

That said, I believe what works for me might not work for everyone. Nonetheless, I think it's worth giving pyrite a try if you're in need of some good luck.

In summary, I suggest trying pyrite and determine how it affects you. It might not give immediate results, but it is a potent tool in manifestation. Good luck to everyone looking to try crystals for good fortune.

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