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Which agate is best for luck?

Hi everyone,

I have been recently interested in collecting gemstones for their healing properties and aesthetic appeal. Lately, I have been intrigued by agates and their supposed ability to bring good luck and prosperity. However, I am not sure which type of agate is considered to be the best for luck. I have done some research online but I'm still a bit confused.

So, I was hoping someone with more knowledge and experience in the world of gemstones could help me out. Which agate is known to be the luckiest? Are there any specific colors or patterns I should be looking for? Any personal experiences with the stone would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I would like to share my experience with crazy lace agate as a lucky stone. Crazy lace agate is a beautiful stone with an intricate lace-like pattern and comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to yellow to brown.

In my experience, crazy lace agate has been a great stone for promoting luck and happiness in my life. It has helped me to feel more joyful and optimistic, which has brought abundance and good fortune.

One of the great things about crazy lace agate is that it can help to balance and stabilize the energy within the body, making it easier to attract positive experiences. The stone is also believed to enhance creativity and mental agility, which can be beneficial when taking on new projects or opportunities.

I've also found that carrying a small piece of crazy lace agate with me in my pocket or purse can help to uplift my mood when I'm feeling down or stressed. It has a calming and comforting energy that helps to bring a sense of peace and relaxation.

Overall, I highly recommend crazy lace agate for anyone looking for a lucky stone that can promote joy and positivity in life. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


Hi all,

As someone who has been collecting gemstones for years, I would like to share my personal experience with blue lace agate as a stone for luck.

Blue lace agate is a beautiful pale blue stone with white banding. It is a soothing stone that brings calm to the mind and helps to release stress and anxiety. The stone is believed to attract good luck and prosperity, especially when it comes to business ventures and financial matters.

I have personally carried blue lace agate in my pocket during various business meetings and negotiations, and I do believe that it brought me luck and helped me to conduct successful negotiations. The stone's calming energy also helped me to remain level-headed and focused during these high-pressure situations.

Blue lace agate is also believed to enhance communication, both with others and with the self. It can promote honesty and clarity in communication, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend blue lace agate to those looking for a stone to attract luck and prosperity in their business endeavors. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


Hi everyone,

I have been collecting gemstones for several years, and I would like to share my experience on aventurine as a lucky stone. Aventurine is a translucent stone that comes in different shades of green, gold, and blue. It is believed to be a lucky stone that brings abundance and success in life.

In my personal experience, aventurine has helped me to stay motivated and focused on my goals. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, I turn to my aventurine stone for guidance and inspiration. It has a grounding energy that helps one to stay centered and organized.

In addition to its lucky properties, aventurine is also known for its emotional healing properties. It can help to soothe and uplift the spirit, making it easier to manifest positive experiences in life.

One of the things I love about aventurine is its versatility. It can be used in various ways, from being placed on a desk to wearing it as jewelry. I personally like to keep my aventurine stone on my desk where I'm working, to help me stay focused and productive throughout the day.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a lucky stone that can help bring abundance and success in your life, aventurine is definitely worth considering. I hope my experience has been helpful, and you give it a try!


Hi there!

I have been collecting and studying gemstones for years, including different types of agates. In my experience, I have found that moss agate is one of the luckiest agates out there. It has a vibrant green color with moss-like inclusions that resemble a forest or a garden. It is believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and success in all aspects of life.

One of the reasons I am drawn to moss agate is because of its association with nature. It is believed to ground and balance the energy in a person's body, providing a sense of stability and harmony. Whenever I need a little boost of positivity or good luck, I carry a moss agate stone in my pocket or wear it as jewelry.

Of course, luck and gemstones are subjective experiences, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, based on my personal experience and the experiences of others I have spoken to, I highly recommend giving moss agate a try if you're looking for a "lucky" stone.

Hope this helps!



I have been collecting gemstones and crystals for a while, and I must say that I believe that Botswana agate is the best for luck. Botswana agate is a beautiful stone with a layered appearance that comes in various shades of pink, gray, and white colors.

Botswana agate is known to be an excellent stone for manifesting good fortune and abundance in all areas of life. It is a stone that is believed to help you believe in your abilities, attracting positivity in your life. When I was going through a rough patch, I carried a Botswana agate stone with me, and it brought me good energy and helped me in getting through the tough times.

I also believe that the stone can help you gain clarity and perspective, helping you identify opportunities and taking advantage of them. It is also believed to bring emotional stability, helping you stay focused on your goals.

In conclusion, based on my experience, Botswana agate is a valuable stone to have in your collection for attracting good luck and abundance in all areas of life. Hope this helps!



I have been fascinated with gemstones and crystals for several years now, and I must say that I have found that Botswana agate is the best for luck. This beautiful stone comes in different hues, from white, pink, and gray to brown and black, but what makes it unique is the distinct banding pattern that can appear like a landscape or a map.

In my personal experience, this stone has helped me in bringing an abundance of good luck and positive energy. It is said to be the best stone for attracting success, wealth, and prosperity in one's life. Whenever I meditate with Botswana agate, I feel a wave of soothing energy that helps me to let go of negativity and bring clarity to my thoughts.

Botswana agate is known for enhancing creativity and imagination, making it easier for us to come up with new ideas and manifest them. It has also helped me in developing my intuition, allowing me to see opportunities and take action.

Overall, I can say that Botswana agate is a must-have for anyone who wants to attract good luck in their life. So, give it a try and see how it works for you. I'm confident that you won't be disappointed!

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