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Where is lepidolite found in India?

Hello fellow mineral enthusiasts,

I am currently researching the mineral lepidolite and its distribution in India. I am interested in knowing where exactly this mineral can be found in India and if there are any specific regions that are known for lepidolite deposits.

I came across lepidolite while researching lithium-rich minerals and their potential use in Lithium-ion batteries. I also read that lepidolite has healing properties and is used in crystal healing practices. I am intrigued by the diverse uses of this mineral and want to learn more about it.

If anyone has any information on the distribution of lepidolite in India or any relevant resources, please share them. I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance on this topic. Thank you in advance!

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Greetings everyone,

I am a geologist and have worked on various field projects across India, including some sites where lepidolite was found. I can confirm that the state of Andhra Pradesh has some of the most significant lepidolite deposits in India, particularly in the districts of Vijayanagram, Visakhapatnam, and Srikakulam.

While visiting these mines, I learned that lepidolite is usually found in granite pegmatites, and it is commonly associated with other lithium-bearing minerals such as spodumene, petalite, and amblygonite. As the demand for lithium continues to rise in various industries, there is a growing interest in these minerals, including lepidolite.

However, as mentioned by others, it is important to keep in mind the ethical and legal aspects of acquiring minerals. One can connect with mining companies or government authorities for obtaining minerals or seek advice from mineral experts on obtaining them through legal means.

I hope my experience provides some valuable insights on lepidolite's distribution in India and its association with other lithium-bearing minerals.


Hello everyone,

I have been interested in lepidolite for quite some time now and have found a good online resource for information on its distribution in India. The Geological Survey of India has published several reports on different mineral resources including lepidolite, which can be found on their website.

As per my understanding from my research, lepidolite can be found in several states in India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Rajasthan as mentioned by previous contributors.

Moreover, the Geological Survey of India reports provide information on the geological formations and the grades of ore deposits in different areas, which can be quite helpful if you are interested in learning more about the mineral.

I hope this information proves useful to you all and you find what you're looking for!



I am an amateur mineral collector and have visited a few mine sites in India, including those in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan as mentioned by previous contributors. Based on my experience, it can be quite challenging to find specimens of lepidolite at the mines themselves.

However, I have had success finding specimens of lepidolite, as well as many other minerals, at mineral fairs and shows held in various cities in India throughout the year. These events typically bring together vendors and sellers from different parts of the country, giving collectors an opportunity to see and acquire a wide range of minerals.

Additionally, local mineral clubs and groups may organize field trips to areas where lepidolite can be found in the wild. This can be a great way to connect with other enthusiasts and learn more about the natural history of the mineral.

I hope this information is helpful, and best of luck in your pursuits of lepidolite!


Hi there,

I have been studying minerals for several years now, and I can say that lepidolite is one of the most fascinating ones due to its unique properties. According to my knowledge, lepidolite is also found in the state of Odisha in India. The deposits in Odisha have a high lithium content which makes them quite valuable.

However, it is important to note that acquiring specimens from these areas can be a bit challenging due to various practical reasons such as accessibility, regulations, and conservation efforts. One should always ensure that they obtain minerals through lawful and ethical methods.

For those looking for more information on the mineral, there are several books available which provide a comprehensive guide on the subject. Some of the books I found useful include "Handbook of Mineralogy" by John W. Anthony, "The Mineralogical Record" by Wendell E. Wilson, and "The Oxford Handbook of Crystals" by Simon Lilly.

I hope this information helps you as you continue to explore the world of lepidolite!


Hello all,

I have been collecting minerals for quite some time now and have found that the best way to find rare minerals like lepidolite is to connect with local mineral enthusiasts. There are several mineral clubs and groups across India that offer engaging opportunities to learn more about minerals and connect with other collectors.

I have found joining these clubs to be incredibly helpful in gaining access to rare specimens, learning about the unique properties of minerals and also the best places to find them. Attending meetings and participating in field trips gives one a chance to see different kinds of minerals up close and personal, and connect with others who share similar interests.

Some of the mineral clubs you might want to consider include Mineralogical Society of India, Geological Society of India, and Indian Minerals and Metallurgy Institute.

I hope sharing my experience of connecting with mineral enthusiasts can help enrich your mineral collection too.


Hey there,

I don't have personal experience with lepidolite myself, but I have a friend who works in the mineral industry in India. According to her, lepidolite can be found in various regions of the country, including the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, and Rajasthan.

She also mentioned that if you are interested in obtaining specimens of lepidolite for personal use or study, you might be able to find them at mineral markets in cities such as Jaipur or Mumbai. These markets can be a great place to connect with knowledgeable sellers who can help you learn more about the mineral and its properties.

I hope this information is helpful, and best of luck in your search for lepidolite!


Hi there,

I have a small collection of minerals that includes a few specimens of lepidolite, and I acquired them through an online mineral shop based in India. While I haven't personally visited any of the areas in India where lepidolite can be found, purchasing minerals online can be a great option for those who are looking for specific specimens and can't travel to mines or fairs.

There are several online mineral shops based in India that offer a wide selection of minerals, including lepidolite. Some of the more reputable shops allow you to view photos of the specimen before purchasing and offer detailed descriptions of the minerals which can be very helpful.

Of course, it is important to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy seller and that the mineral is properly identified and authenticated. Do your research before purchasing and read reviews from other customers to ensure a positive experience.

I hope this information is useful and that you are able to add some specimens of lepidolite to your collection!


Hi there,

I am not an expert on the distribution of minerals in India, but I have visited several mine sites in the country in the past. From my experience, lepidolite can be found in the southern part of India, particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I have also heard that it can be found in the states of Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

If you are interested in visiting mine sites to collect lepidolite, I recommend doing some additional research to ensure that you are following all applicable laws and regulations. It may also be helpful to connect with local mineral clubs or groups who can provide additional guidance.

Best of luck in your search!

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