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What stone gives strength?

Hello everyone, I am looking for some guidance on stones that are believed to give strength. I have been feeling a bit low lately and I believe that having a stone that can provide me with some strength and support would be helpful. I am new to the world of crystals and gemstones, so any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone, I'd like to offer my suggestion based on what's worked for me. I've found that malachite gives me strength - but not necessarily physically. It's more of an emotional strength. Malachite is believed to help release negative emotions and patterns, and it gives me the strength to face my fears and break free from things that are holding me back. When I look at my malachite or hold it, I feel like I can tackle anything that comes my way. It's truly a powerful stone in my experience. Other than malachite, I've heard that rose quartz is great for emotional strength and peace, so you might want to give that a try as well. Hope this helps!


Hello friend! As a stone enthusiast, I can suggest that red jasper is a great stone for providing physical strength and stamina. It is believed to increase endurance and vitality in the body, as well as provide support during times of stress and fatigue. Personally, I carry a red jasper with me because I work in a physically demanding environment, and I find it helps me get through the long hours. Another stone you might want to check out is hematite. It is said to have a grounding energy that can provide stability and strengthen the physical body. I hope this helps!


Hey there! I've found that amethyst is an amazing stone for providing strength, both physically and emotionally. It's said to help relieve stress, promote calmness, and balance the mind and body. Whenever I'm going through a tough time, I meditate with an amethyst or carry one with me, and it always helps me feel more centered and in control. Additionally, I've heard that citrine is a good stone for providing mental strength and focus, so you might want to look into that as well. I hope this helps!


Hi there! Based on my personal experience, I've found that tiger's eye is a great stone for providing strength. It's known for promoting courage, self-confidence, and motivation. Whenever I feel insecure or anxious, I carry a tiger's eye with me and it helps me feel more grounded and empowered. Additionally, I've heard that black tourmaline is a good stone for protection and strength, so that might be worth looking into as well. Hope this helps!

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