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What is the price of lepidolite in India?

Hi everyone,

I have recently developed an interest in gemstones and crystals, and I am interested in purchasing lepidolite. However, I am unsure about its market value and the price of lepidolite in India. Can anyone provide me with information on the average price of lepidolite in India and where to find it? Any insights regarding the quality of lepidolite available in the Indian market would also be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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As someone who collects gemstones, I am quite familiar with the fluctuating price of lepidolite in India. Unlike other stones, the price of lepidolite is dependent on various factors such as clarity, color, shape, and size. Therefore, it's essential to have a good understanding of the stone and its quality before purchasing it.

In my experience, the cost of lepidolite usually ranges approximately between INR 90 to INR 250 per gram, depending on the quality. While buying online, be mindful of the seller's reputation and read the reviews on the products, as well as their return policy.

If you are buying from local stores or vendors, then having an eyes-on look over the product can help you better judge its quality. It is suggested that before finalizing any product, do try to negotiate the price as sometimes it is possible to get a better deal.

I've also found that attending gemstone exhibitions and trade fairs held across the country can be an opportunity to get hold of rare and authentic specimens. You can get them at reasonable prices, and you might even find specific sellers who specialize in different types of stones.

To sum it up, sourcing high-quality lepidolite in India can be tasking but not impossible. Be patient, research well, browse through different vendors, and always opt for genuine sellers or institutions.


Hello everyone,

I'm not a frequent purchaser of lepidolite stones, but I recently bought a few pieces from a store in Mumbai. Based on my experience, I can say that the price of lepidolite stones in India varies depending on their quality, size, weight, and color. Typically, the average price of lepidolite in India starts from INR 100 per gram and can go as high as INR 500 per gram or even beyond based on the factors mentioned above.

As per my observation, the quality of lepidolite available in the Indian market is generally good. However, as with any other commodity, it is always better to purchase from trusted sellers who can attest to the authenticity and quality of the stone.

Personally, I prefer to buy gemstones and crystals from physical stores, as it gives an opportunity to check and feel the quality of the product. In Mumbai, some of the best places to purchase lepidolite stones are Panchratna, Opera House, and Zaverimarket.

However, if you don't live near a physical store, there are many online stores that sell authentic lepidolite stones as well. You can check out websites such as Jeweleum, Gemstone Universe, and CrystalAge to purchase lepidolite in India.

In conclusion, I hope this information has helped you in figuring out the average price of lepidolite in India and where to buy it from. Do remember to research well before making a purchase, and always check for the quality of the stone before finalizing a deal.


Hi there,

I have bought lepidolite multiple times from different locations in India such as Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi. The price of the stone has varied significantly on every occasion. I have even seen the same quality lepidolite being sold at different prices in the same market. Therefore, it is always better to survey the market before buying the stone to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Typically, lepidolite is priced between INR 100 to INR 300 per gram. However, it is always best to check for the quality of the stone before buying it. Usually, higher quality lepidolite that has a deep purple color, is free from cracks and has a good shine is priced higher.

While some physical stores in the major cities of India might have a good collection of lepidolite, you can consider buying from online stores like Gemexi and gemstoneuniverse. They offer a wide range of crystals and stones and deliver to your doorstep.

Hope this information helps!


Hi there!

I have been collecting crystals for a while now, and I recently purchased some lepidolite from a store in New Delhi. The price of lepidolite can vary depending on the quality and the location where you purchase it. In my experience, I have seen lepidolite priced anywhere from INR 50 to INR 200 per gram.

When purchasing lepidolite, it is important to check for the authenticity of the stone and its quality. It is best to purchase from a trusted supplier who can provide you with information regarding the source and authenticity of the stone.

Moreover, I found that online stores like Amazon and Etsy have a good collection of lepidolite at competitive prices. You can also find lepidolite at gemstone fairs and exhibitions taking place in the major cities of India.

Hope this helps!


Greetings to all crystal enthusiasts,

I have been collecting lepidolite crystals for a while now and have purchased them both online and from physical stores. The average price of lepidolite in India usually ranges from INR 80 to INR 250 per gram, depending on factors such as quality, origin, and availability.

I have found that the quality of lepidolite available in the Indian market can vary significantly between stores and vendors. Therefore, it is essential to have some knowledge about the characteristics of the stone to identify its quality. A genuine lepidolite stone is lustrous and has a distinctive purple shade, due to the presence of lithium in its composition. It may also have other shades of pink, white, and grey patterns in it. When buying lepidolite, do check for any visible cracks, fractures or poor surface quality as that indicates poor quality of the stone.

In terms of buying locations, I would recommend checking online stores such as Gemstone Export, Crystals Online, and Satyamani. These stores offer a wide range of lepidolite stones with comprehensive descriptions and photos so that you can assess the quality before making a purchase. You can also visit traditional markets such as Jaipur and Mumbai, which have a rich history of trading and selling precious stones and crystals.

I hope this information helps in your journey of finding the perfect lepidolite for your collection.


Hello fellow crystal enthusiasts!

I have been collecting lepidolite stones for quite some time now, and have come to realize that the price of lepidolite in India can vary significantly based on its size, quality, and origin. Generally, smaller sized lepidolite stones are priced lower than larger ones, with the price ranging from INR 50 to INR 200 per gram depending on the quality.

In my opinion, the best way to purchase real lepidolite stones is from registered gemstone vendors and credible online stores. Do remember to check for the seller's reputation and credentials before placing an order. I would recommend researching thoroughly before buying lepidolite from local markets or street vendors as fake stones are abundantly available in those places.

I have personally found the best quality lepidolite stones from online shops such as Amazon India and Flipkart. Both of these websites offer genuine and authentic stones with their quality being certified by the sellers. You can browse a wide range of specimens available in varying shapes and sizes on these websites.

In addition, if you prefer buying from physical stores, then go to major cities like Jaipur, Bengaluru, and Mumbai that have a rich history of selling precious stones and crystals. These cities have a variety of registered gemstone vendors who sell real lepidolite stones at reasonable prices.

I hope this helps and happy collecting!

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