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What crystals can help with tech-related anxiety, promoting energetic protection and balance in the presence of technology?

Hi everyone,

I've been feeling really anxious lately whenever I'm surrounded by technology. I work in an industry that is heavily reliant on computers and smartphones, and all the EMF radiation is really taking a toll on me. I've been experiencing headaches, fatigue, and an overall sense of unease.

I've read that certain crystals can help promote energetic protection and balance in the presence of technology. Can anyone recommend which crystals I should try? I'm particularly interested in ones that can help with tech-related anxiety.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Hi there!

I definitely understand where you're coming from. I work in a similar environment and sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed by all the technology around me. What has worked for me is keeping a few crystals on my desk that are known for their grounding and protective properties. Some of my favorites include black tourmaline, hematite, and smoky quartz.

If you're specifically looking to alleviate tech-related anxiety, I've found that amethyst is very helpful for calming the mind and promoting a sense of tranquility. You could also try carrying a piece of rose quartz with you, as it's known for its ability to promote self-love and reduce stress.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi there,

I've also experienced tech-related anxiety and stress, particularly during long periods of screen time. One crystal that has helped me is blue lace agate. This crystal has soothing and calming energy that can help to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. It's also known to be helpful for enhancing communication and self-expression, which could be helpful in a tech-related work environment.

Another crystal that I've found to be particularly helpful is citrine. This crystal is known to promote joy, abundance, and positivity. It can also help to increase mental clarity and creativity, which could be helpful in a work environment that's filled with technology.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions or if you find a crystal that works particularly well for you.


Hey there,

I can relate to your situation as I've also experienced tech-related anxiety. For me, labradorite has been very helpful in promoting energetic balance and protection. This crystal is known for its ability to shield the aura and deflect negative energy. It also has a calming effect on the mind and can promote mental clarity.

Another crystal that I'd recommend is clear quartz. It's a powerful amplifier of energy and can be used to enhance the energy of other crystals. It can also help to clear and purify the energy in a space, which would be particularly helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed by the energy of technology.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about crystals.


Hello there,

I've also struggled with tech-related anxiety in the past, and I found that the crystal that really helped me was turquoise. This stone has been used for protective purposes for centuries, and it's said to protect the wearer from negative energy and promote a sense of inner calm. It's also believed to help balance the energies in the body and promote healing.

If you're looking for a crystal to help with EMF radiation, black tourmaline is one of the most popular choices. It's believed to absorb and transmute negative energy, making it a great choice for protecting yourself from any potentially harmful effects of technology.

I hope you find a crystal that works well for you! Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any other suggestions.

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