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What crystal heals panic attacks?

Hey guys, I am struggling with panic attacks and have been researching natural remedies to help ease my symptoms. I recently came across crystal healing and was wondering if anyone has had success with using crystals to alleviate panic attacks? If so, which crystal do you recommend? I would appreciate any advice or personal experiences you can share. Thank you!

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Hi there, I have been using crystal healing for a couple of years now and have found it to be really helpful in managing my panic attacks. The crystal that has been most effective for me is amethyst. It has calming and relaxing properties that work wonders for anxiety and stress-related issues. I usually carry a small amethyst crystal with me in my pocket and also sleep with one under my pillow at night. If you're interested in trying out crystal healing, I highly recommend giving amethyst a try. Best of luck!


Hello there, crystal healing has been a go-to remedy for me for several months now. I've battled panic attacks since my early twenties, and it's not until recently that I discovered the benefits of crystals.

The crystal that works best for me is black tourmaline. It helps ground me and dispel any negative thoughts or energies that may arise during a panic attack. I usually wear a black tourmaline pendant or carry a small stone in my pocket for quick access during stressful situations.

Of course, it's important to remember that crystal healing works differently for everyone. It's all about finding the crystal that resonates with you and your needs. I hope this helps, and best of luck on your crystal healing journey!


Hello, I've been looking for natural remedies to manage my anxiety and found crystals to be a great aid in calming my nerves during panic attacks. A crystal that's been very useful for me is Lepidolite. This beautiful crystal has a calming and soothing energy that helps alleviate my anxiety and helps me feel more balanced emotionally.

I usually hold a Lepidolite stone in my hand during deep breathing exercises or meditation to bring balance to my thoughts and emotions. It also works to dispel negative energy and promote inner peace.

Remember, everyone experiences anxiety differently, and healing is a highly individual journey. So it's important to find a crystal that resonates with you and brings you peace. I hope this helps, and good luck in your crystal healing journey.


Hey, I've been using crystals for healing for a while now and have found great relief in rose quartz. This crystal's gentle and loving energy helps calm my anxiety and soothe my emotions during panic attacks.

I usually keep a rose quartz on my bedside table to aid in a peaceful night's sleep. I find that waking up feeling well-rested helps start the day on the right note and lessen my anxiety levels throughout the day.

It's essential to find the crystal that works for you, and remember to stay open to trying different ones if the first one you try does not work for you. Crystal healing is a beautiful journey of self-discovery and eliminating negative emotions.


Hi everyone, I've recently discovered crystal healing as a way to manage my panic attacks and I'm excited to share my experience with you all. One crystal that has been particularly helpful for me is Labradorite. It's a beautiful gemstone that has magical hues of blue, green, and purple.

Labradorite's energy is calming and grounding, which helps me feel centered during a panic attack. It also helps enhance intuition, which has helped me recognize my triggers and prevent panic attacks from happening.

I usually wear a Labradorite pendant or carry a small stone in my pocket throughout the day. It's important to keep the crystal close to your body, so you can feel its healing energy and reap the benefits.

All in all, crystal healing has been very transformative for me, and I hope that those who are struggling with panic attacks can find comfort in it as well.

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