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What color beads are for anxiety?

Hi guys, I have been struggling with anxiety for a while now and I have been trying out different therapies to help manage it. Recently, a friend recommended using beads as a form of calming technique. I have heard that different colors have different meanings and properties. So, I was wondering if anyone knew what color beads are specifically for anxiety? I would love to make a bracelet with these calming beads to help me ease my anxiety. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello, as someone who has also struggled with anxiety, I have found a lot of comfort in wearing calming beads. While I am not sure if certain colors specifically have different effects on mood, I have found that simply wearing beads that appeal to my personal style and aesthetics have helped me alleviate some of my anxiety symptoms. I have also found that choosing beads with a tactile texture and that feel weighty in my hand can be grounding in moments of anxiety or discomfort. Hope this helps and wishing you luck on your journey to managing your anxiety!


Hi there! When it comes to using beads for anxiety, I have found that it is not necessarily the color of the beads that matters, but rather the act of creating and wearing the bracelet that provides a sense of calm. Sitting down and crafting a bracelet with intention and purpose can be a meditative process in and of itself. Furthermore, wearing the bracelet later on can serve as a tangible reminder to take a breath and ground myself in the present moment. So, my advice would be to choose beads that resonate with you aesthetically or have meaningful significance, and simply enjoy the act of creating and wearing the bracelet. Best of luck on your anxiety-managing journey!


Hey there! As someone who has also struggled with anxiety, I have some experience with using certain colored beads for calming purposes. Generally, blue and green are believed to have calming properties, so those colors could be helpful for anxiety relief. In addition, I have found that wearing beads made of natural materials such as wood or lava rock can also be helpful in providing a grounding feeling. I hope this helps and that you find some relief with your new bracelet!


Hello! As someone who has also experimented with using beads to alleviate anxiety and stress, I must say that I believe the color of beads can indeed have a calming effect on one's mood. I have personally found that pastel shades such as light blue and pink have been particularly effective in managing my anxiety. However, I also believe that the act of making and wearing a bracelet can be just as powerful in relieving stress. It can serve as a physical representation of one's effort to take control and manage their anxiety. I would encourage you to explore both color and the act of making and wearing a bracelet to see what works for you. Wishing you all the best!

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