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What are the side effects of amethyst stone?

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an amethyst stone as I have heard about its healing properties and benefits for calming the mind and reducing stress. While I am excited to use it, I also want to be aware of any potential side effects that I should be aware of.

I have read that some people may experience headaches or dizziness when using amethyst, and I want to know if anyone here has experienced something similar. Additionally, I have also heard that amethyst can interfere with some medications, so if anyone has any information or personal experiences with this, I would appreciate your insights.

Overall, I am interested in learning about any potential side effects of amethyst and precautions I should take to use it safely. Thank you all in advance for your help!

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Greetings everyone,

I recently got an amethyst stone bracelet as a gift from a friend who told me that it helps combat stress and anxiety. In my case, I primarily wear the bracelet to help me sleep and can say that it's significantly improved my sleep quality.

However, I did encounter some minor side effects when using the amethyst stone bracelet. I have sensitive skin that can be quite reactive to different materials; as such, I noticed some mild skin irritation where the bracelet was against my skin. It resulted in a slight reddening and some itching. I did not let this get in the way of using the bracelet but would remove it if the irritation became severe.

Regarding medication interference, I haven't gotten around it yet, as I don't currently take any medication. However, I can see how this could pose a problem for some people.

In conclusion, the amethyst bracelet has helped me achieve a better quality of sleep but with some minor irritation issues. Nonetheless, because the benefits outweigh the side effects, I plan to continue using it.


Hello everyone,

I have been using an amethyst stone for some time now and have experienced some non-significant side effects that I wanted to share. Unlike some other users, I haven't experienced any headaches or dizziness while wearing my amethyst stone.

However, I noticed that I am more dehydrated than usual when I wear the amethyst stone. I experience dry mouth and often drink more water to counteract this effect.

Furthermore, I had some swelling on my hand where I had been wearing my amethyst ring. I immediately took off the ring and the swelling subsided after a while.

Regarding medication, I haven't come across any issues yet, as I am not taking any medication to date.

In conclusion, using an amethyst stone has been enjoyable for me as it has helped me relax and feel calmer. Nonetheless, I realized that I have to drink more water when using it and pay attention to any possible irritation or swelling. These observations are essential to reap the full benefits of amethyst and make its use safe. Thank you for reading.


Hi there,

I have been using an amethyst stone for a few months now, and while I have not experienced any major side effects, I have noticed some mild ones. In the beginning, I would feel slightly light-headed after using the stone for an extended period of time. However, this feeling would go away quickly once I stopped using it.

I also noticed that if I placed the amethyst near my head while sleeping, I would sometimes wake up with a headache. After some research, I found that placing the stone too close to the head could potentially cause this effect. Now, I place it a little further away and have not experienced any headaches since.

In terms of medication interference, I have not personally experienced any issues. However, I have read that amethyst can interfere with certain medications, particularly blood thinners, so it is important to speak with a healthcare professional if you are taking any prescription medication.

Overall, I have found that using an amethyst stone has been a positive experience for me. I believe that it has helped me feel more grounded and calm, particularly during times of stress. As with any new health practice, it is important to be aware of potential side effects and to use it safely.


Hi, all,

I recently added an amethyst stone to my crystal collection, and while it has had numerous positive effects, there are a few unwanted side effects too.

One of the slight side effects I experienced was headaches. I started to feel them after wearing my amethyst pendant for an extended period. I would remove the pendant when I felt the onset of the headache, and it would go away within an hour.

Furthermore, I noticed that when I wear the amethyst stone for a more extended period, it causes skin irritation, specifically around my neck or wrist, depending on where I place it. It felt itchy, and the affected area would flare up until I take a break from using the amethyst stone.

As for any medication interference, I haven't held any concern yet, since I'm not currently taking any medication.

To sum it up, using an amethyst stone has been an excellent experience for me, but it seems to cause headaches and skin irritation with prolonged use. I hope my experience helps anyone using the amethyst stone and understands the side effects users may encounter.


Greetings everyone,

I hope you're all doing great. As for the amethyst stone, I recently bought an amethyst necklace and have been wearing it for some time now. While I initially started wearing it for relaxation and anxiety issues, I have noticed some side effects that I would like to share here.

Firstly, I experienced some minor irritation on my skin on the area where I wore the necklace. I noticed some reddening of the skin, but it went away after a few days when I took off the necklace.

Secondly, I felt more lethargic than usual during the daytime. I would feel tired and sleepy after wearing the necklace for a few hours, which is not usual for me. However, when I took the necklace off, I would feel better.

Regarding medication interference, I haven't experienced any problems of this sort. I don't take any medication that is known to conflict with the amethyst's properties, so it not a significant issue for me.

Overall, while there were some side effects, I still feel great after wearing the amethyst necklace. The calming and conducive effect that it has on my mood is worth the side effects. Anyone who wears or uses amethyst should also be realistic about the potential side effects and they should be cautious when using it. Thank you for reading my experience.

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