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What are some crystals that can assist with enhancing intuition and inner guidance, which can be helpful in reducing anxiety associated with decision-making or uncertainty?

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing great. I have been feeling anxious lately about my decision-making abilities and lack of clarity around important choices in my life. Therefore, I'm looking for some advice on which crystals could help me enhance my intuition and inner guidance. I'm open to suggestions on how I can use these crystals and any personal experiences with them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there! I completely understand how it feels to have anxiety around decision-making. In my experience, I found that rose quartz helped me connect with my inner self and make decisions with confidence. I like to hold a piece of rose quartz in my palm while taking deep breaths and affirming my intentions. Selenite and clear quartz can also help clear any energy blocks and improve clarity, leading to better decision-making skills. Hope that helps, and best of luck on your journey!


Hi there! I understand how you feel and can relate to your search for a solution. For me, citrine has been my go-to crystal for enhancing my intuition and inner guidance. I keep a citrine crystal on my desk and it helps me stay focused and motivated, leading to better decision making skills. It also has a positive energy that helps me keep my thoughts focused on the bright side. I've also heard that ametrine and clear quartz can be helpful in enhancing intuition and relieving anxiety. Good luck on your journey!


Hey there! I had a similar experience with decision-making anxiety and found that black tourmaline really helped me in gaining clarity and easing my uncertainty. I like to carry a piece of black tourmaline in my pocket or wear it as a necklace. It's also great for grounding and releasing negative energy. I've also heard that turquoise and citrine can be helpful in enhancing intuition and reducing anxiety around decision-making. Hope that helps!


Hi there! I had a similar issue with anxiety around decision-making, and I found that using amethyst helped me tap into my intuition and trust my inner guidance. I like to meditate with amethyst, hold it during yoga or other mindfulness practices, or carry it with me throughout the day. I've also heard that labradorite and moonstone can be helpful for enhancing intuition and relieving anxiety, so those might be worth looking into as well. Good luck on your journey!


Hello! I can totally relate to your anxiety around decision-making, and I've found that labradorite has been incredibly helpful for me. I like to hold it when meditating or carry it with me throughout the day. It's energy helps me connect with my intuition and guides me in making decisions with more clarity. I've also heard that amethyst and sodalite can be helpful for easing anxiety and enhancing intuition. Always remember to trust your instincts, you got this!


Hey there! I completely relate to your situation and understand how difficult it can be to make decisions with clarity and confidence. For me, I found tiger's eye to be particularly helpful in enhancing my intuition and inner guidance. I use it during meditation and carry it with me throughout the day. It has a grounding energy that brings balance and helps make decisions with more clarity. Additionally, I've heard that lapis lazuli and fluorite can be helpful for decision-making and intuition. Best of luck to you on your journey!

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