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Is rose quartz good for calming?

Hi everyone, I am very interested in crystals and their healing properties. I have been reading a lot about rose quartz and how it is considered to be a calming stone. I struggle with anxiety and stress, and I am always open to trying new methods to help alleviate these feelings. I was wondering if anyone has experience using rose quartz for calming purposes? Does it work well for this purpose? I would really appreciate any insights or personal experiences anyone has had with this crystal. Thank you in advance!

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Hi everyone, I'm so glad that rose quartz has been helpful for you all in managing anxiety and stress. However, from my personal experience, I didn't find any calming effects of rose quartz. Instead, I have found Amethyst to be much more effective in calming my anxiety. Whenever I hold an Amethyst crystal, I feel a sense of relief and relaxation. I think Amethyst works better for me because it helps alleviate negative emotions and negative thought patterns that often trigger my anxiety. Although rose quartz has many benefits, it just didn't work for me in the same way. So, if rose quartz doesn't work for you, I would suggest giving Amethyst a try.


Hello, I have also tried using rose quartz for managing anxiety, and I must say that it works decently. While it doesn't eliminate my anxiety completely, it does help me feel a bit more centered and calm. One thing that I would suggest is combining rose quartz with Lepidolite. When I use both of these crystals together, I experience a more significant reduction in anxiety and stress levels. Lepidolite is known for having calming properties and is often used to help one relax. So, if you're struggling with anxiety and rose quartz isn't quite doing the trick, I recommend trying this combination. It has worked wonders for me!


Hi there! I have personally used rose quartz for calming and found it to be quite effective. Whenever I feel anxious or stressed, I hold a piece of rose quartz in my hand and focus on its soothing energy. It helps to quiet my mind and bring a sense of peace and comfort. I also like to keep a piece of rose quartz on my bedside table to help promote restful sleep. It's a subtle effect, but I definitely notice a difference when I use it consistently over time. Overall, I would highly recommend giving rose quartz a try if you're looking for a natural way to calm your mind and ease anxious feelings.


Hello everyone, I'm glad to share my experience with the calming effects of rose quartz. I started using rose quartz crystals after experiencing some anxiety and panic attacks. At first, I was skeptical about crystals, but I was willing to try anything that could help me feel better. I was surprised by how calming and relaxing the stone felt while holding it in my hand. After using it regularly for a few weeks, I started to feel more balanced and optimistic. I felt my anxiety levels decrease significantly, and I was able to manage my stress levels better. One tip I would suggest is to meditate while holding rose quartz to help you relax and focus on the moment. I think rose quartz is an excellent tool for promoting emotional well-being, and I would recommend it to anyone dealing with stress or anxiety.

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