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Is Blue Tigers Eye crystal good for anxiety?

Hi everyone,

I've been struggling with anxiety for a while now, and I'm always on the lookout for new methods to help me cope. I've heard that crystals can be helpful for anxiety, and I recently came across Blue Tigers Eye. I'm wondering if anyone has experience using this crystal specifically for anxiety, and if it's been effective for them.

I'm open to trying alternative treatments and therapies, so any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

I've also used Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety and found it to be quite helpful. I tend to struggle with social anxiety and panic attacks, and I've found that carrying a Blue Tigers Eye palm stone in my pocket brings me a sense of calm and reassurance.

I like to hold the stone in my hand and focus on its smooth surface and cool temperature. I find that this helps me ground myself and focus on the present moment. It doesn't completely eliminate my anxiety, but it does help me manage it in a healthier way.

I also find Blue Tigers Eye to be helpful in meditation. I like to place it on my third eye or throat chakra and visualize its energy flowing through me. This helps me connect with my intuition and communicate my needs more clearly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety. Everyone's experience is different, but it's worth giving it a shot and seeing if it works for you.


Hello everyone,

I've also used Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety relief, and I've found that it's been helpful for me in a few different ways. Firstly, the stone's smooth surface and cool temperature make it really soothing to hold and touch, which instantly helps me feel more relaxed.

In addition to that, I find that Blue Tigers Eye helps me feel more focused and grounded. I often struggle with racing thoughts and a sense of overwhelm during moments of anxiety, but when I use this stone, I feel like it helps me slow down and concentrate on what's most important.

Lastly, I also find that Blue Tigers Eye brings a sense of inner strength and courage. When I'm feeling anxious, I can often feel like I'm losing control or that I'm not strong enough to face my fears. But having a Blue Tigers Eye with me, whether in my pocket or as jewelry, reminds me that I'm capable of handling whatever comes my way.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend giving Blue Tigers Eye a try if you're struggling with anxiety. As others have mentioned, it's not a replacement for professional treatment, but it can be a really helpful tool to have in your arsenal.


Hi all,

I've used Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety relief in the past, and like others have mentioned, I find it to be a really grounding, calming stone to work with. It's one of my go-to crystals when I'm feeling particularly anxious or overwhelmed.

One thing I've found helpful when working with Blue Tigers Eye is to combine it with other calming stones, like amethyst or rose quartz. I'll hold them all in my hand and meditate on their energies, which can be really soothing and centering.

I also find that carrying Blue Tigers Eye with me throughout the day, whether as a piece of jewelry or as a worry stone, can help me stay connected to its calming energy. Even if I'm not actively focusing on it, the stone is still there, radiating its energy.

Of course, as others have mentioned, everyone's experience will be different. But if you're someone who enjoys working with crystals for healing and support, I think Blue Tigers Eye is definitely worth checking out.


Hi there,

I've also tried using Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety and found it to be effective for me. I've struggled with anxiety for years and have tried a variety of remedies, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this crystal helped me feel more calm and centered.

I agree with others who have mentioned the color of the stone as being particularly soothing. There's just something about the deep blue shade that's very calming to me. I carry a Blue Tigers Eye worry stone in my pocket and find that simply holding onto it can help me feel more grounded and at ease.

I also find that incorporating Blue Tigers Eye into my meditation practice has been helpful. It's said to help with clarity and focus, which are both things I struggle with during times of anxiety. Something as simple as focusing on the blue color of the stone during meditation has helped me quiet my racing thoughts.

Like others have mentioned, it's important to remember that crystals aren't a replacement for professional mental health treatment. However, if you're open to trying alternative methods, I definitely recommend giving Blue Tigers Eye a shot.


Hi everyone,

I've also used Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety relief - and I have to say, it's one of my favorite crystals to work with. It's a stunning stone, and the combination of blue and gold make it feel like I'm holding a little piece of the galaxy in my hands.

When I use Blue Tigers Eye, I feel like it helps me establish a sense of perspective and distance myself from my anxious thoughts. Instead of feeling like they're surrounding me, I feel like I'm observing them from a distance, which can be really powerful during moments of anxiety.

I also find that Blue Tigers Eye can be helpful for communication, which is another issue that often arises alongside anxiety for me. It's said to help you communicate more clearly and receptively, which can be incredibly useful in situations when you're already feeling on edge.

Overall, I definitely recommend trying Blue Tigers Eye if you're looking for a crystal to help with anxiety. It's beautiful, calming, and has a lot of great energy to work with.



I've also had experience with Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety and it's been a mixed bag for me. While the color and texture of the stone are calming and soothing, I didn't experience any significant reduction in my anxiety levels while using it. I found that it was just as effective as any other grounding technique I used, but that could just be me.

However, that being said, I enjoy wearing Blue Tigers Eye as a piece of jewellery, and I find it comforting to know that it's there if I ever need it. I like to think of it as a reminder to stay grounded and present in difficult times.

In conclusion, while my personal experience with Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety wasn't life-changing, it's still a beautiful stone to have in your collection, and it might work wonders for someone else. It's worth a try if you're open to alternative healing methods, but always remember to seek professional help if you're struggling with anxiety.


Hi there!

I have used Blue Tigers Eye for anxiety in the past and found it to be quite helpful. I'll always preface by saying that crystals aren't a substitute for professional treatment or therapy, but they can complement it nicely.

For me, Blue Tigers Eye helped me ground myself and stay focused during moments of anxiety. There's something about the dark blue color that's really calming, and I found myself feeling more centered and at ease after holding it or wearing it as jewelry. It's also said to help with communication, which I found to be true - I felt like I was better able to express myself and share my feelings when I had it with me.

Of course, everyone's experience is different, but I would definitely recommend trying Blue Tigers Eye if you're looking for a crystal to help with anxiety. Good luck!

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