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I'm looking for crystals that can help me with managing anxiety related to public events, gatherings, or social situations. Any recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I'm here to seek some help regarding my anxiety issues. I find myself getting really anxious whenever I have to attend a public event, a gathering, or a social situation. I get nervous, and sometimes, even the thought of such situations makes me feel uneasy.

I have been looking for some solutions to help me manage my anxiety levels in a healthy way, and I came across the concept of using crystals. I'm not very familiar with the properties of crystals or how they work, but I've heard that some crystals are known for calming the mind and reducing anxiety levels.

So, I wanted to ask if anyone here has experience using crystals specifically for anxiety related to social situations? If so, which crystals do you recommend, and how should I use them?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there,

I understand exactly how you feel since I too have experienced social anxiety. And like you, I started looking for natural ways to help manage my anxiety. With the help of research, I discovered that crystals could be helpful in calming anxiety.

One crystal that worked for me is Lepidolite. It’s a soft lilac colored crystal that’s known for its ability to calm and soothe. It’s often referred to as the “stone of transition,” which means it helps with changes or transitions in life. Lepidolite is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, so it might be the right option for you.

Another crystal that helped me is Selenite. It's known for clearing negative or anxious energy and can make space for more peaceful vibes, so it has worked wonders for me when I feel anxious. I usually place a piece of selenite near my bed when I go to sleep or carry it in my bag when leaving home.

Lastly, Hematite is a crystal that helps ground us and reduce anxiety. It's believed to create a calming effect and help us feel more centered. I usually wear a Hematite ring when I'm going to social situations, to bring me back into focus and keep me calm.

Overall, I would recommend trying out multiple crystals to see which ones work best for you. Keep in mind that everyone's experience with crystals is different and that it's important to keep working with your medical professional to better manage your anxiety. Crystals might not solve everything, but they are an effective way to start feeling more grounded and help reduce anxiety levels.


Hello everyone,

As someone who has also struggled with social anxiety, I can understand the need for natural methods to manage such feelings. In my experience, one of the most effective crystals for dealing with social anxiety is Clear Quartz. Its energy is known to boost clarity and insight, which can help you stay calm and focused in social situations.

Another crystal that's helped me a lot in managing social anxiety is Rhodonite. Known for its ability to inspire calm, self-awareness, and healing, Rhodonite is perfect for anyone looking to cope with anxiety in social situations. I suggest keeping a Rhodonite stone in your pocket or wearing a Rhodonite bracelet to feel its benefits.

Lastly, another crystal that might be helpful is Smoky Quartz. It's great for absorbing negative energy and can help instill feelings of calmness and groundedness in the mind. I keep a Smoky Quartz crystal on my nightstand to help me stay grounded and calm while sleeping, which helps me feel more prepared the next day.

Remember, crystals are meant to be used in combination with other anxiety management techniques such as deep breathing or mindfulness exercises. I hope these suggestions help you in your journey to manage your social anxiety in a natural way. Best of luck!



I am here to share my experience with using crystals to manage social anxiety. I've found that Ametrine, a crystal that is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, has been quite helpful in reducing anxiety during social situations. It promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, which is crucial when dealing with anxiety.

Another crystal that has worked wonders for me is Angelite. It is known for its ability to connect us with the angels, helping us release any anxious feelings and creating a sense of calm. I usually keep an Angelite stone near me during social events, and it has helped me feel more at ease.

Lastly, Kyanite is a crystal that has helped me maintain calmness in high-pressure social situations. It helps with communication, allowing you to express yourself more easily and confidently. I usually wear Kyanite as a necklace or bracelet during social events to feel more at ease while interacting with others.

It's important to remember that crystals work differently for everyone. Please don't hesitate to try out different crystals to see which ones work best for you. Also please keep in mind that crystals cannot replace professional help and medication, so it's important to seek medical advice if your anxiety becomes too overwhelming.


Hi there,

I also suffer from social anxiety, and I've found that the use of crystals can be very helpful in managing these feelings. One crystal that has worked wonders for me is Moonstone. It has a calming energy that helps in reducing anxiety levels, making it easier for me to participate in social gatherings. I usually wear a Moonstone pendant when heading to public gatherings, and it has helped my anxiety immensely.

Another crystal that has helped me a lot is Sunstone. It is known for its ability to boost confidence, which makes it an excellent aid for individuals with social anxiety. Sunstone is also believed to instill positive energy and boost your mood, making it easier to interact with people. I keep a Sunstone in my pocket when I need a confidence boost.

Lastly, I'd suggest using Green Aventurine. This crystal has calming properties that can also help in reducing anxiety. It is also believed to promote emotional stability, allowing you to deal with difficult situations better. I have found that it gives me a sense of emotional balance and helps me feel more relaxed in social situations.

Remember, crystals are just one of many ways to manage anxiety. If you are experiencing severe anxiety, talk to a mental health professional. By using these helpful crystals and other self-care strategies, you can significantly reduce your social anxiety and enjoy attending social events with ease.


Hi there,

I can totally relate to your situation as I also suffer from anxiety when it comes to public events and social gatherings. I have found that using crystals has been helpful in managing my anxiety levels.

One crystal that has worked well for me is Amethyst. It's known for its calming and soothing properties, which makes it perfect for reducing anxiety levels. I usually wear an Amethyst bracelet on days when I know I'll be surrounded by a lot of people or in situations that make me feel anxious.

Another crystal that has helped me is Black Tourmaline. It's known for its grounding properties and provides a sense of security and protection, which makes it easier to deal with anxiety. I usually carry a Black Tourmaline stone in my pocket when I know I'll be in a situation that may trigger my anxiety.

Finally, another crystal that has helped me deal with my anxiety is Rose Quartz. It's known for its ability to promote love, calmness, and inner peace. I usually keep a piece of Rose Quartz in my pocket or wear a Rose Quartz necklace to help stay calm and centered.

Overall, it's important to remember that crystals are not a magic solution and should not replace professional help or medication. But, they can provide a natural way to help manage anxiety levels. I recommend doing some research on which crystals may work best for you and giving them a try. Good luck!


Hey there,

I too have struggled with anxiety in social situations and have found using crystals to be really helpful. One of my favorite crystals for managing anxiety is Blue Lace Agate. It’s a gentle and calming crystal that’s perfect for reducing stress, nervousness, and anxiety. I find that it promotes feelings of tranquility and overall well-being.

Another crystal that has worked well for me is Labradorite. It's a dazzling stone that helps dispel negative energy and boost self-confidence, which is vital in situations where you might feel anxious. I like to wear Labradorite jewelry or carry one in my pocket when I know that I'll be attending an event or situation that might make me feel anxious.

Lastly, I would recommend you try using Howlite crystal. It's believed to be the ultimate calming stone that helps reduce tension and anxiety, encouraging a state of tranquility and clarity. Howlite is also useful in promoting patience and positivity, which helps me stay calm in public situations.

Keep in mind that crystals can act only as complementary sources of help – adopting healthy lifestyle practices, seeking professional help, and working to understand and manage your triggers are important steps to take. But using these crystals can provide a sense of calm and balance, and over time, can be an effective tool to manage anxiety in social situations. Best of luck!



Like many others, I have also found certain crystals helpful in coping with social anxiety. One crystal that's really helped me is Citrine. It has a bright and sunny yellow color and is believed to release negative energy and emotions from the body, enhancing feelings of optimism and wellbeing. I find it really helpful for reducing anxiety and boosting my self-esteem when I'm in a social environment.

Another crystal that's been useful for me is Howlite. It's known for its ability to reduce anxiety and tension while promoting a state of calmness and tranquility. I find Howlite to be an excellent companion during public events and gatherings as it helps keep me centered.

Finally, Lapis Lazuli is a great crystal for soothing anxiety because it can help reduce stress levels and promote feelings of peace and relaxation. It has also been known to enhance clarity, which is great when you have to make decisions in a social context.

It's worth noting that crystals work differently for everyone, and what works for me might not work for you. With that said, I recommend trying out different crystals and seeing which ones resonate with you. They could prove to be a helpful tool in managing social anxiety, but don't forget to consult your doctor or a mental health professional for more targeted advice. Good luck!

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