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How do you charge a blue lace agate?

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a blue lace agate from a local crystal shop because I was drawn to its calming energy and beautiful appearance. However, I am not sure how to charge it properly to enhance its properties.

I have heard of charging crystals under the moonlight or sunlight, but I am not sure if this applies to blue lace agate as well. Can anyone recommend the best method of charging this specific crystal? I am open to any suggestions or personal experiences you may have had with blue lace agate.


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Hello everyone,

I have worked with blue lace agate for a long time and I believe that charging it with the power of Nature is the best way to go. You can use different elements of nature like water, earth, air or fire to recharge and purify your blue lace agate.

For water, simply clean your crystal in running pure water or place it in a bowl of natural spring water overnight. This will help to remove any negative energy and recharge it with fresh, vibrant energy.

For earth, you can bury your crystal in soil or sand for a few days. This will help to clear any energy that has been absorbed and recharge it with earthy energy.

For air, you can place your crystal outside in the fresh air for a few hours, allowing the wind to pass through it and clear it of any stagnant energy.

For fire, you can place your crystal close to a candle or within a bonfire, allowing the flames to purify and recharge it with new energy.

Remember to be careful when working with the elements of nature and always make sure to select a safe place to recharge your blue lace agate.

Overall, I have found charging blue lace agate with the power of nature to be the best method for its purification and recharging.



I have been working with blue lace agate for a while now and I find that charging it with the help of other crystals is the most effective method.

Blue lace agate is a gentle crystal that assists with communication and self-expression which makes it an ideal companion for other crystals that assist in communication or calmness.

I like to charge my blue lace agate with the help of amethyst which is known for its calming properties. I simply place my blue lace agate and amethyst together and let them vibe for a few days. I have noticed that this method enhances the calming properties of my blue lace agate significantly.

Alternatively, you can also use other crystals like rose quartz or lapis lazuli to charge your blue lace agate. Both of these crystals work well with blue lace agate as they promote emotional healing and clarity of thought.

Overall, charging blue lace agate alongside other crystals can be an effective way to boost its calming and communication properties.


Hello everyone,

I am also an avid crystal collector and blue lace agate is one of my favorites. I have found that charging it with sound frequencies is the best method for me.

You can use a singing bowl or a tuning fork to charge your blue lace agate with sound. Simply strike the bowl or fork and hold it near the crystal while focusing your intent on "charging" or "cleansing" it. I find this method to be very effective as the sound vibrations resonate with the crystal and enhance its energy.

Another method I have used is to charge my blue lace agate with my own energy. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and focus your intent on charging it with your own energy. Allow your positive energy to flow into the crystal, visualizing it becoming brighter and more vibrant with each breath.

Overall, I have had great success with charging blue lace agate with sound vibrations and my own energy. These methods may take a bit longer than others, but they are worth it in my opinion. Give them a try and see how they work for you!


Hey there,

I'm so glad to see people interested in charging their crystals properly. Personally, I find that blue lace agate works best when charged with sunlight. I have found that sunlight is the perfect energy source for bringing out the blue color and enhancing its calming properties.

To charge your blue lace agate in sunlight, you can simply place it in a sunny spot for a few hours or even a whole day. However, be sure to monitor it so that it doesn't bleach out or fade due to too much exposure.

Additionally, you can also charge your blue lace agate by placing it next to clear quartz or selenite. These crystals amplify the energy of other stones and act as powerful charging agents. Simply place your blue lace agate next to a clear quartz or selenite crystal for a few hours to charge it up.

Overall, I have had great success with charging blue lace agate under the sun and with the help of clear quartz and selenite. Give these methods a try and see which one suits you and your crystal best.


I love working with crystals and blue lace agate is one of my go-to stones for promoting calmness and clearing negative energy. From my personal experience, I find that charging blue lace agate under the full moon is the best method.

The full moon is a powerful time for charging crystals, and blue lace agate particularly benefits from this lunar energy. Simply place your blue lace agate stone in a safe spot where it can absorb the moon's energy overnight. In the morning, your stone should feel refreshed, purified, and ready to use.

Alternatively, you can also place your blue lace agate in a bowl of dry brown rice for a few hours or overnight. The rice acts as a cleansing agent and absorbs any negative energy from the stone.

Overall, I have found that charging blue lace agate under the full moon or with brown rice provides the best results for enhancing its calming properties. Give it a try and see what works best for you!


Hi everyone,

I agree with all the wonderful suggestions provided here. However, I have found that charging blue lace agate through intention is also a powerful way to enhance its properties.

Intention is a powerful tool that can be used to charge any crystal. In order to charge blue lace agate, you would simply need to hold it in your hand and focus your intentions on it. Think about what you want to use it for, whether it's calming your mind, soothing your emotions or enhancing your communication skills.

While focusing on your intentions, you can also add affirmations to your practice to amplify the energy in your blue lace agate. Examples of affirmations include: "I am calm and centered", "I express myself with ease and confidence", "My mind is at peace".

You can also meditate with your blue lace agate and visualize it being infused with the energy of your intentions. With a little bit of practice, you can get really good at charging your crystals through your intentions.

Overall, I have found that charging blue lace agate through intention is an effective, easy and very personal way to work with this crystal.

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