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How can I permanently reduce anxiety?

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing high levels of anxiety for quite some time now, and it is affecting my daily life. I often feel overwhelmed by even the smallest of things and find it hard to focus on my work or enjoy my time with family and friends.

I have tried various techniques like meditation, exercises, and therapy, but none of them seem to be working in the long run. The moment I stop doing them, my anxiety comes back with full force.

I am looking for some permanent solutions to reduce my anxiety levels. I want to know if there are any lifestyle changes or habits that can help me deal with my anxiety for the long term.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

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I also struggle with anxiety, and I've found a few everyday things that positively affect my anxiety levels in the long run, which I would love to share with you:

1. Keeping a routine: Having a routine has helped me feel more secure and accomplish my goals for the day. This helps me feel more in control of my life, which has significantly reduced my anxiety.

2. Taking supplements: Sometimes, it's tough for me to reach the proper amount of essential vitamins and minerals; that's why I take supplements. These supplements help me improve my general health and energy while reducing anxiety symptoms.

3. Making a to-do list: When I have several things to do or errands to run, I make a list of priorities that I should complete first. This helps to focus my attention, reducing my feeling of general overwhelm.

4. Seeking professional help: Anxiety can be tough to work through alone, and it may be necessary to get professional help. I've found this to be a very useful tool to help me learn new techniques and be able to make even more progress in managing my anxiety.

5. Practicing gratitude: Lastly, I make it a point to practice gratitude daily. I keep a journal that asks what I am grateful for each day, and this helps me focus on the good things that happen instead of any negative experiences I may have encountered.

Remember that everyone's anxiety is different, so it's important to find what practices work best for you. Take care, and know you are not alone in this.


Hey there,

I can totally relate to your situation as I've been struggling with anxiety for years now. Although different things work for different people, here are a few things that have helped me manage my anxiety in the long run:

1. Identifying triggers: I realized that certain situations or people triggered my anxiety, so I started to distance myself from them. While it's not always possible to avoid triggers, acknowledging and preparing for them helps in dealing with the outcome better.

2. Regular exercise: I make it a point to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise releases endorphins, which help in reducing stress and anxiety levels. If I skip a day or two, I immediately notice the change in my mood.

3. Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness has helped me reduce my anxiety levels significantly. I try to focus on my breath and let my thoughts pass by without engaging with them. It's a simple technique, but it really works.

4. Limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption: I've noticed that caffeine and alcohol tend to increase my anxiety levels. So, I've limited my intake of these drinks, and it has helped me feel more calm and relaxed.

5. Seeking professional help: Lastly, I'm not afraid to seek professional help when I need it. A therapist can provide you with tools and techniques that can help you manage your anxiety in the long run.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you on your journey to reducing anxiety levels permanently.



I have also been looking for ways to manage my anxiety levels for years now. Here are a few techniques that have worked for me:

1. Setting boundaries: I used to say "yes" to everything, which led to me becoming overwhelmed and anxious. Now, I set boundaries and prioritize my mental health. This has helped me in dealing with my anxiety and has left me feeling more balanced.

2. Challenging negative thoughts: Negative thoughts often feel crippling, but I've learned to challenge them. Whenever I feel like I'm spinning out of control, I ask myself what evidence there is to support these negative thoughts. Most of the time, there isn't any, which helps me in redirecting my focus to something more positive.

3. Seeking support: I've found that talking to trusted friends and family members about my anxiety has helped in managing it. It's important to have people in your life who can support you and understand what you're going through.

4. Engaging in progressive relaxation: Whenever I feel tensed, I practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It involves tensing and relaxing each muscle group to promote deep relaxation. This technique has helped in reducing my anxiety levels and helps me sleep better at night.

5. Scanning my thoughts: Whenever I feel anxious, I scan my thoughts and try to identify an underlying trigger. Once I've identified what's causing my anxiety, I can then come up with a solution to manage it or reduce its impact.

I hope these tips resonate with you and are helpful in dealing with your anxiety levels. Just remember, anxiety can be managed with time and effort!


Hey there,

I've been struggling with anxiety for a while now, and here are some tips that have helped me in reducing my anxiety levels:

1. Surrounding myself with positivity: I make sure to surround myself with people who bring positivity in my life. Being around negative people can feed my anxiety and bring me down. So, I make a conscious effort to surround myself with positive vibes, which helps me manage my anxiety better.

2. Getting out in nature: I find spending time in nature very calming and rejuvenating. Taking walks in the park, going for hikes, or simply basking in the sun can give me a much-needed break from my anxiety.

3. Cultivating hobbies: Having hobbies that I enjoy doing helps me take my mind off of things that are causing me anxiety. I like to read, paint, and garden, which help me relax and brings joy into my life.

4. Setting achievable goals: Setting small achievable goals helps me stay focused and gives me a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved. This not only boosts my self-esteem but also helps in reducing anxiety levels.

5. Writing down my thoughts: I often find it helpful to write down my thoughts and feelings when my anxiety gets too overwhelming. It helps me identify the triggers behind my anxiety and come up with ways to manage it.

These tips have worked for me, but it's important to remember that everyone experiences anxiety differently. Be patient with yourself and find what works best for you. Wishing you all the best on your journey towards managing your anxiety permanently.


Hi there,

I completely understand what you're going through. Anxiety can feel like a constant struggle, but there are ways to manage it. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. Quality sleep: Getting enough high quality sleep is crucial for managing anxiety. I try to set a regular sleep schedule, relax my mind before bed, and create a comfortable sleeping environment.

2. Breathing exercises: When I start to feel anxious, taking deep breaths and focusing on my breaths can help me calm down. I have also found the 4-7-8 breathing technique especially helpful for reducing anxiety levels.

3. Maintaining a healthy diet: Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, and lean protein gives me the energy to manage anxiety symptoms. I also stay away from refined sugar and processed foods, which can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar levels.

4. Taking breaks: Whenever I feel like my anxiety is getting too overwhelming, I take a break from whatever I'm doing and do something calming like reading or listening to music. Overworking only increases my anxiety levels, so taking breaks helps me avoid burnout and manage my anxiety.

5. Avoiding negative self-talk: This can be very tough, but avoiding negative self-talk has really helped me reduce my anxiety levels. I try to replace negative thoughts with positive self-affirmations and focus on the things that are going right in my life.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me! Remember, managing anxiety is an ongoing process, but it gets easier with practice.

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