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Has anyone used crystals for separation anxiety in pets? If so, which crystals were effective?

Hi everyone,

I have a beloved dog that struggles with separation anxiety. Whenever we leave the house or even just step out of sight, she becomes extremely anxious, starts to bark excessively, and even chews on furniture. I've tried everything from training to calming treats, and while they help to some extent, she still has a difficult time being away from us.

I've heard that some people use crystals to help their pets with anxiety, but I'm not sure which ones are effective. Have any of you used crystals for separation anxiety in your pets? If so, which ones have worked for you? I'm open to trying anything that might help my furry friend feel more at ease when we're not around. Thank you in advance for any advice or tips you can share!

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Hello! I recently started using crystals for my cat's separation anxiety, and I've found that rose quartz has been helpful. I keep a small rose quartz crystal by her bed, and it seems to have a calming effect on her when I'm not around.

Before using crystals, my cat used to vocalize and display anxious behaviors such as excessive grooming when I left the house. Since incorporating rose quartz, she seems to be more at ease and has even started to sleep through the night which rarely happened before.

As with any alternative therapy, results may vary. However, it's worth a try to see if crystals can help your pet with separation anxiety. I hope this helps!


Hi there! I also use crystals for my dog's separation anxiety, and I've found that black tourmaline has been the most effective crystal for him. Whenever I need to leave the house, I place a small piece of black tourmaline in his bed, and he seems to be much calmer when we're not around.

Before using black tourmaline, my dog would howl constantly and chew on furniture when left alone. But now, he rests much more easily with the presence of the crystal.

As everyone is different, it's tough to know if black tourmaline will work for your pet, but I'd definitely give it a try! It's a popular choice when it comes to crystals for anxiety in both humans and pets. Best of luck!


Yes! I've used crystals for separation anxiety in my dog and found them to be helpful. Particularly, the crystal that worked for my dog is Lepidolite.

Before using Lepidolite, my dog would pace, whine, and bark when left alone. But ever since I started placing a small Lepidolite in his bed, he's become more relaxed and hasn't displayed any anxious behavior. It's like the crystal has been a soothing presence for him when I'm not around.

I understand that not all dogs are the same, and what worked for mine may not work for others. However, I highly recommend giving Lepidolite a try as it may help alleviate your pet's anxiety. Best of luck!


Hey there! I've actually used crystals for separation anxiety in my dog, and I can say that it has definitely helped. The crystal that I found to be the most effective for my pup is amethyst. I keep a small piece of it in her bed, and it seems to help her feel calmer and more relaxed when we're not at home.

I would suggest giving amethyst a try if you haven't already. It's a popular crystal for anxiety in general, so it's worth a shot to see if it works for your pet too. Of course, results may vary based on your individual pet's needs, but it's definitely worth considering. Good luck!

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