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Has anyone used crystals for managing anxiety related to financial stress or money worries? If so, which crystals were effective in promoting abundance, prosperity, and a positive mindset towards money?

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling with financial stress lately, which has led to a lot of anxiety and negative thoughts. I have been looking for ways to manage this anxiety, and have heard that crystals can be helpful in promoting abundance, prosperity, and a positive mindset towards money.

I am wondering if anyone has had success using crystals for this purpose, and if so, which ones were effective? I am open to any suggestions and would love to hear about your personal experiences with using crystals for financial stress and money worries.

Thank you in advance for any advice or insight you can offer.

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I have also used crystals to manage financial stress and found rose quartz to be effective in promoting positivity and abundance. Rose quartz is usually associated with love and healing relationships, but it can also attract wealth and financial stability.

Whenever I felt anxious about my finances, I would hold rose quartz and visualize my financial goals. I found this to be a calming and comforting practice that helped me to feel more positive and optimistic about my financial situation.

In addition to rose quartz, I also used clear quartz to amplify positive energy and intentions. I would hold clear quartz with rose quartz while visualizing my financial goals and found that the two crystals complemented each other really well.

Crystals can be a helpful tool for managing financial stress, but it's important to use them in conjunction with other practices like budgeting, financial planning, and seeking professional financial advice. I found that incorporating crystals into my financial routine helped me to maintain a positive mindset and stay focused on my financial goals.

I hope this helps and feel free to ask if you have any further questions!



I have used crystals for managing anxiety related to financial stress and money worries, and I found that tiger's eye and green aventurine worked really well for me.

Tiger's eye is known as a stone of courage and confidence, and it helped me to feel more empowered when it came to managing my finances. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by my financial situation, I would hold tiger's eye in my hand and repeat affirmations like "I am capable of managing my finances with ease" or "I attract abundance and prosperity."

Green aventurine is also known as the stone of abundance and has a soothing energy that helped me to relax when I was feeling stressed about money. It also helped me to cultivate a more positive mindset towards money and to focus on gratitude for the resources I already had.

I like to carry these crystals with me in my pocket or wear them as jewelry, so that I can benefit from their healing properties throughout the day.

I want to emphasize that while crystals can be helpful in managing financial stress, they are not a substitute for professional financial advice or assistance. It's important to address the root causes of financial stress and to develop healthy and sustainable financial habits in addition to using crystals.

I hope this helps, and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!


Hello there,

I can relate to financial stress and the negative emotions that come with it. I found that amethyst is an excellent crystal for reducing stress and anxiety related to money. Amethyst is commonly known as a calming stone that can help relieve stress and soothe the soul. When I hold an amethyst crystal, I feel a sense of calm, and my worries about finance don't feel as intense.

I also found that using smoky quartz can be effective in promoting financial stability and abundance. Smoky quartz can help to release negative emotions and offer clarity on the steps required for financial success. I like to place smoky quartz in areas where I handle money such as my wallet, desk, or cash registers during work.

As others have mentioned, incorporating crystals into your routine is just one thing you can do to ease financial stress. To deal with my financial anxieties, I also monitor my spending, create a budget, and work on creating positive affirmations to manage my finances positively.

I hope this was helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions.



I have also used crystals to deal with my financial stress, and I found that malachite was really helpful in promoting abundance and a positive attitude towards money. Malachite is a powerful stone that is believed to attract wealth and prosperity while also helping to remove negative energy and blockages.

I like to use malachite in a few different ways. Firstly, I have a malachite crystal that I keep on my office desk to help me stay focused and motivated when working on financial projects. Secondly, I often meditate with malachite to visualize abundance and to let go of any limiting beliefs or fears around money. Finally, I like to keep small pieces of malachite in my wallet or purse to help attract money and prosperity.

In addition to malachite, I have also found jade to be helpful in promoting good fortune and financial success. Jade is known to bring harmony and balance, which can be beneficial when dealing with financial stress or money worries.

While crystals can be a helpful tool, it is crucial to remember that they should not replace professional financial advice or planning. By incorporating crystals into our daily routine and seeking professional help when necessary, we can create a happier and healthier relationship with money.

I hope this helps answer your question, and feel free to ask if you have any further inquiries.


Hi there,

I have actually used crystals to manage my anxiety related to financial stress and have found them to be quite helpful. The two crystals that have been most effective for me are citrine and pyrite.

Citrine is often considered the stone of abundance and can help to attract prosperity and success. I like to meditate with this crystal and imagine myself surrounded by abundance and good fortune. Holding citrine when setting financial goals or making business decisions can also be helpful.

Pyrite, on the other hand, is known as a stone of manifestation and can help to bring financial abundance and success. I like to carry this crystal with me in my purse or pocket as a reminder that I am capable of manifesting my financial goals.

Overall, I have found that incorporating these crystals into my daily routine has helped me to cultivate a more positive mindset towards money and has reduced my financial stress and anxiety.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there are any other crystals that have worked for you.

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